Sur La Table Cooking Classes

Now through February 25, 2018

Looking for a cooking class? View the schedule for the week of 02/19 at Sur La Table below.


February 19: Kids Cook: Tacos! 10:00AM 

Everyday Lighter Comfort Meals, 6:30PM

February 20: SLT Favorites: Classic Winter Soups, 10:00AM

Taco Tuesday, 6:30PM

February 21: Hearty Main Course Salads, 10:00AM

Seafood Market: Cioppino, 6:30PM

February 22: French Croissants 101, 10:00AM

Northern Thai Cooking, 6:30PM

February 23: Israeli Vegetarian Table, 10:00AM

Sushi Knife Skills, 6:30PM

February 24: Pasta Reinvented, 10:00AM

Fried Chicken 101, 1:00PM

Night Out: I <3 Rome, 4:00PM & 7:00PM

February 25: Global Flatbreads, 10:00AM

5-ish Ingredient Cooking, 1:00PM

Seafood Market: Cioppino, 4:00PM