Sur La Table Cooking Classes

Now through May 27, 2018

Looking for a cooking class? View the schedule for the week of 05/21 at Sur La Table below.


May 21: British Baking, 10:00AM

Throwback Monday: Americana, 7:00PM

May 22: Italian Kitchen: Siena Countryside, 7:00PM

May 23: Italian Kitchen: Siena Countryside, 10:00AM

Steakhouse Favorites, 7:00PM

May 24: Thai Restaurant Favorites, 10:00AM

Spring Bounty Cooking, 7:00PM

May 25: Spring Bounty Cooking, 10:00AM

Date Night: Down by the Shore 4:00PM

Date Night: Dining Al Fresco, 7:00PM

May 26: British Baking, 10:00AM

Teens' Essential Knife Skills, 1:00PM

Date Night: Everyday Mediterranean, 4:00PM

Date Night: Springtime in Italy, 7:00PM

May 27: Braided Bread Workshop, 10:00AM

Everyday Vegetarian Cooking, 1:00PM

Evening in Spain, 4:00PM