Server Assistant / Floor Support

Posted September 27, 2022  |  The Mission

Server Assistant and/or Floor Support, is responsible for supporting throughout service in carrying beverages and meal items to designated tables. Their duties include communicating with peers to determine guest needs, carrying food items from the expediting counter to the right table and helping with cleanup duties after the conclusion of service.
$9.80 Hourly Rate plus nightly tips paid in cash, estimates range $16-$25 Hourly depending upon business levels.
$12.80 Hourly Rate during training period, department meetings, and future trainings.

Floor support must be able to multitask in order to ensure customers get their orders promptly
Server assistants/floor support will have to possess a high degree of organizational skills to easily locate tables and bar patrons to fulfill everyone’s orders
Server assistants need excellent communication skills to ensure they meet customers’ requests. Not only does a server assistant have to listen to learn where extra support needs to go, but they also have to communicate with the customers whether it’s checking on their satisfaction or taking an impromptu request.
Server assistants and floor support spend most of their shift standing, so they need to be able to remain on their feet for several hours straight. Additionally, they should be able to carry about 35 pounds easily.

Contact Information

Kevin Cruz
General Manager
The Mission Kierland 

Dillon Ripley
Chef de Cusine