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Macerich is sharply focused on sustainability as a long-term, fully integrated business approach. Our goal is simple: Create a healthy environment for our employees, tenants, guests and communities and sustain this environment for future generations.

Today we are committed to doing even more — to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water consumption, and waste generation. For more information click here.

What We’re Doing at Kierland Commons

  • The center offers centralized recycling dumpsters for use by our retailers. We are planning a transition to full service recycling, where all waste is separated and only “true waste” is discarded.
  • In 2023, Kierland Commons contributed over 83 tons of glass to our Glass Conversion program.
  • Our Security Staff conducts patrols of the center using electrically powered vehicles and bikes, instead of vehicles powered by gas.
  • We switched our holiday lighting from incandescent to LED. This change has resulted in lowering our carbon footprint.
  • We’ve greatly improved our coordination with office tenants to adjust energy usage through coordinated HVAC schedules.
  • Several electrical and storage rooms have been equipped with motion sensor lighting switches. These sensors prevent the lighting of empty spaces and help save energy.
  • We are proud to have received BREEAM Certification and are committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 through measures such as the implementation of drought-resistant landscaping, using low-flow fixtures and monitoring technology to minimize waste and preserve freshwater resources.

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