NightRider Jewelry

NightRider Jewelry is not just jewelry; it’s a lifestyle – a True American Luxury Brand. Representing more than just a sculptural piece of wearable art, NightRider Jewelry pays homage to the art of design and the finesse of master craftsmanship. Each step from concept to final form is art within itself, every element meticulously scrutinized to produce a gallery of fine jewelry, artwork and apparel for those who demand something different. NightRider is composed of George “Jawbone” Ganem, the pioneer, with over 30 years of expertise in the fine jewelry business George brought in the Ballantyne brothers; Nick, the inventor and Thad, the maker, to sustain the NightRider world. Together they have created a collection of lifestyle pieces not for the faint of heart or the mass follower, but for those who seek an alternative.

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